Redpro is full-line real estate marketing firm that accompanies the property buyer through all the stages of his or her purchasing decision. We facilitate the buyer’s decision making process by acting as the main liaison between the developer, the architectural team, the contractors, and the legal team.

Redpro starts by structuring the funds for its new Real Estate Development Concept. We then closely liaise with the design and development teams to turn our vision into a concrete project.

Redpro takes then charge of Marketing and Promoting Real Estate projects. We guide our buyers through the purchasing process, helping them adapt the property to their exact personal needs and tastes, within the overall architectural design of the project. Our close collaboration and relationship with all the actors along the conceptual and construction chain allows us to offer our buyers the ability to intervene in the decision making of internal layout configuration to the finishing materials.

Once our projects are handed over to their new owners, Redpro retains the management of its projects for the first 3 years of their life to ensure consistently high quality service and a smooth transition to the new owners committee at a later stage.